15 November 2011

Oh-Wow-ing the FLA-X Catchers

Like millions of other similarly obsessed English speakers, this morning over breakfast (Kool-aid and Bar-B-Q chips) I gave the FLA- sound the old acid test and was electrified to discover how much flax I found. Let's go at once to the handy list I made, for anyone who needs living proof.

FLAA A verb for when aardvarks and/or guys named Aaron go to meetings every night, so I've heard
FLAB No chance of that fat for this kid, you know, on my vegetarian diet
FLAC 'C' here takes an 'S' sound. The word's got a standing chance to be tomorrow's slang for 'flaccid'. Not that I'd ever need to use it.
FLAD Describes a shirt which is both Flannel and Plaid.
FLAE A small insect pest which mainly infests dyslexics
FLAF A verb for 'undeserved derision'. "I wrote a killer post on letters and half the web flaffed at me."
FLAG Long may it wave. Both Hello and Goodbye
FLAH Similar to 'blah' but with a more active falling-down aspect.
FLAI Something to do with Jai Alai, a sport I only know the name of
FLAJ The 'J' as a 'G', since 'Flag' is already taken. Sperms 'flaj' around for up to 36 hours. Only fair; I worked that long for the chance to put 'em there.
FLAK Some kind of fabric. They make jackets out of it, is all I know
FLAL Waving your arms and legs about when you don't even have 'I' contact
FLAM Hangs out with 'Flim', and together they con suckers, one every 60 seconds, roughly
FLAN One of the constituents of 'Flann-el' shirts, the other being '-El'
FLAO Obviously of Portugese origin. Probably a shirt made out of cork
FLAP A sealable opening in a shirt; also the brouhaha resulting when she leaves it open
FLAQ Think it's something that builds up on your teeth, but easier to remove than plaque.
FLAR The attractive head of a plant. Also 'what you make bread out of'. Alternate spelling in either case
FLAS verb for cleaning the teeth of a dog with a piece of string. First-use was on the TV show 'Lassie', Or 'I love Lucy'. Can't remember. Oh damn, I just dropped the bottle of Koolaid.
FLAS A 'flask' after it fell on the floor. Applies to the largest piece you can find.
FLAT Happens to tires and beer if you're not careful
FLAU an unsightly defect in a piece of jewelry, but only if it's gold.
FLAV More slang. Talking Kool-aid here, with all its plusses and... OMG, my fingers are melting... I gotta get outa here...

Three days later:
Sorry, reader. Looks like I have a problem. But cheerio and all that rot. Back up on the horse:
FLAW Often fatal. At times the law is called in for this one.
FLAX Yeah, another way to build a shirt. A great replacement garment, especially if you have no skin
FLAY Taking the skin off a guy; so he'll buy a flax shirt
FLAZ No idea. Feel free to help me out here

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